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Wisconsin: The Countdown

Only 1 month and 2 days until I go to Wisconsin! I am so excited! It is going to be really nice visiting my family and hanging out for two weeks. Some things we plan on doing are fishing, eating, relaxing, swimming, horseback-riding, and much more! It will be a lot of fun! One of the places we plan to eat at is Angler’s Bar and Grill. It serves mostly hamburgers and french fries, but it also serves some of the best cheese curds I have ever had! They are perfectly fried cheese curds that taste great with ranch dressing. We also plan on eating at the central bakery in Hayward. There they have the best donuts I have ever tasted! They have these special donuts that are about 3/4 of a foot long and have white frosting and sprinkles on them. They are truly the best!

This year, my family and I get a little taste of Wisconsin before our normal two-week reunion. In two weeks, we are going to meet most of our family in Alabama, where my cousin is getting married! It will be a great time and I am very happy for my cousin and his fiancée. My cousin met his fiancée in Alabama while he was down there fishing (he is a professional bass fisherman). I am excited to welcome a new cousin to our huge family and can’t wait to meet her!

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Wisconsin: The Timbersports

Over the years, the world has developed many different sports that have become favorite pastimes. Usually these sports started by having to do something with a particular type of work in the area from which they originated. Because of the dense forests in the Northern states, and particularly in Wisconsin, many lumberjacks were needed to harvest logs. This is where Timbersports began. I believe that the sport with the closest ties to real work is Timbersports. Timbersports are different competitive events based in historic logging techniques between lumberjack athletes. Lumberjacks can participate in just one event or compete in all events to try to become the “best all-around lumberjack.” Some of the events that a lumberjack can compete in are log climbing, low rolling, hot saw, single buck, springboard chop, standing block chop, stock saw, and underhand chop. Lumberjacks use either a regular one-person metal saw, two-person metal saw, or a chain saw for their competitions. This highly competitive sport is very fun to watch! While there are not any big competitions or world championships going on, many of the lumberjacks will participate in summer shows. These shows are very funny and interesting to watch. At these shows you can get a taste of what a real competition would be like with a little comedy.

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Wisconsin: The Pecha Kucha

Who knows what a Pecha Kucha is? I sure didn’t the first time I heard about it. It is a 20 slide PowerPoint presentation where a speaker spends 20 seconds talking about each slide. Most of the slides have pictures or a small amount of text on them. The basic idea behind this kind of presentation is to get your ideas across in moderate depth and in a short amount of time. This idea stemmed from an architecture conference in Tokeo. Pecha Kuchas can be about anything from signs to business plans. For English class this week, we have to make a Pecha Kucha about any subject. Naturally, I chose Wisconsin. I think Wisconsin is a good subject for a Pecha Kucha because one can talk about any image of Wisconsin for at least 20 seconds. Some of the topics I will be addressing are the mass cow death I talked about last week, the dairy industry, and the University of Wisconsin. Do you have any suggestions? I am excited to share my knowledge about Wisconsin with the class and hope that some students will decide to visit Wisconsin in the future. If you would like to learn more about Pecha Kucha presentations, follow the link at the bottom of this post.

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Wisconsin: The Mystery

Wisconsin is not only a place of exciting sites, but also a land of mystery. On January 14, 2011, a big mystery surfaced in Stockton, Portage County, Wisconsin. 200 cows were found dead in a field. While the owner speculates this massacre may be the result of IBR or BVD, which are both diseases that infect cow populations. Some people believe this speculation, but many people believe that this killing is a signal of the coming of the apocalypse. The Book of Hosea in the Bible prophesizes events associated with the second coming of Christ that are similar to the cow massacre. This is not the only major massacre of animals that have occured in 2011. There have been many groups of birds that have died all at once at different locations throughout the World.

Whether this is just a case of a highly infectious bovine disease or signal of a prophesized event, it is a major mystery that took place in the very interesting Wisconsin. I hope that as you read this blog, you learn that there are many interesting things about Wisconsin and that occur in Wisconsin. You may not have believed that Wisconsin was an interesting place until after reading this blog, but I hope that now you wish to go visit.

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Wisconsin: The Conversation Starter

Wisconsin is an unusual place to be from in the South, compared to in the North, where many sconnies migrate to surrounding midwestern states. Because my family likes Wisconsin so much and goes there every year, we all have Wisconsin sweaters and t-shirts. What I have observed is that in the South, if you wear something that says “Wisconsin,” “Badgers,” or “Packers” on it, someone that day will come up to you and begin talking to you about Wisconsin. These people are usually a) from Wisconsin, b) went to the University of Wisconsin, or c) a big fan of the Packers after they won the Super Bowl.

Being singled out as a sconnie unifies the patches of us in the south. In many places throughout the US, there are places called “Packer Bars.” These bars came to be because sometimes the regular TV channels would not broadcast Packer games, but they would be broadcasted on special channels. The bars would have access to these special channels and would show them to the group of sconnies that gathered in the bar at game time. These are not simple gatherings; people usually wear their Packers jerseys and cheeseheads. These bars are a symbol of pride and union among sconnies that have dispersed throughout the US.

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Wisconsin: The Native Americans

Like many northern states, Wisconsin has many Native American reservations. In fact, Wisconsin is actually a Native American word derived from the Ojibwe name for the Wisconsin River, “Wishkonsing.” In Wisconsin, there are many different tribes that live in a variety of places from the reservations to the cities. Many Wisconsonians are descendants of the many tribes spread across the states. Although I am a small part Cherokee, a tribe that is not from Wisconsin, I still love learning about all the interesting Native American cultures in Wisconsin.

When I spend two weeks in Wisconsin every summer, my extended family and I meet in Hayward, Sawyer County, WI. Also in Sawyer County is a tribe of Native Americans, called the “Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians,” who live on a reservation. These Native Americans are part of the larger Ojibwe Nation. There are many bands of Chippewa Indians in the Northern Wisconsin area too. Many of them come from the Chippewa Flowage area, as well as, the St. Croix River area. The Chippewa Flowage is a large river that contains many pike and musky for food. This flowage is a historic place where many Native Americans return to rich culture. The Chippewa Flowage is also in Sawyer County.

Wisconsin once again demonstrates that it contains many rich cultures that continue to make Wisconsin an increasingly interesting place to visit.

Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Ojibwe Flag

For more information about the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, visit their official website:

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Wisconsin: The Elections

Many people forget that, in fact, Wisconsin’s voters make a difference in the outcome of the presidential election. Republican Primary elections are taking place today in Wisconsin. Each candidate is doing there part in trying to secure the 42 delegates from this populous state. Right now, Romney has only a small lead over Santorum in Wisconsin. Because the numbers are so close, the election could end up either way. Each candidate is definitely making an effort to convince Sconnies to vote for them. Romney was recently photographed at “Cousin Subs” in  Waukesha, WI, where he was handing out sandwiches. Yesterday, Santorum campaigned in Ripon, WI and greeted many of his supporters. Each candidate is clearly doing there part to secure votes in Wisconsin.

Many people do not know that the Republican Party was actually founded in Ripon, Wisconsin. Although the official party was not formed yet, its began with a meeting in Ripon. Then, its official formation was announced in Philadelphia. The Republican Party has since thrived and become one of the two major parties in the United States. This further proves that Wisconsin is a place where amazing and monumental things happen. Maybe our next President will be a Sconnie!

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Wisconsin: The American Idols

American Idol is one of the most popular shows in the nation, and, personally, my favorite show. American Idol brings talent from all over the nation together to compete. American Idol is a test of not only your ability to sing, but also your ability to perform and have an identity. There are a few Sconnies, particularly from Milwaukee, who have actually placed highly in the competition.

The 3rd place contestant from the 8th season of American Idol, Danny Gokey, is from Wisconsin. Before American Idol, he was a worship director at the church he grew up in. A month before auditions for American Idol, his wife, Sophia died. Sophia always encouraged him to try out for American Idol. With this encouragement, he tried out and is now a very famous Sconnie. After his time on American Idol, he started “Sophia’s Heart Foundation,” a foundation to help disadvantaged children. Gokey also won a WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Award in 2010.

You don’t have to be from Wisconsin to get the good luck from auditioning there. The winner of Season Ten, Scotty McCreery, auditioned in Milwaukee. McCreery is mostly a country singer who came out with a new album, “Clear As Day,” last October. Currently, he is back at home in Garner, NC, where he is finishing his senior year of high school.

Scotty McCreery and Danny Gokey are two of my favorite contestants that have ever been on American Idol. Hopefully, in the future, more Sconnies will audition and represent Wisconsin well.

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Wisconsin: The Language

The United States is an increasingly diverse nation full of many different cultures. In many of my other blog posts, I demonstrated the special culture in Wisconsin that makes it so unique and interesting. Many Wisconsonians use different words from the rest of the United States in their everyday language.

For example, in Texas we say “y’all” to represent “you all;” however, in Wisconsin, people say “you guys.” This representation of “you all” is unique to the north and midwestern area of the United States.

Wisconsonians even use a unique word to describe themselves. While many people refer to people from Wisconsin as “Wisconsonians,” they refer to themselves as “Sconnies.” They regard this as a shorter and more representative way to call themselves.

Another unique word that they use in Wisconsin is “bubbler.” Many people are confused about the meaning of this word because it does not sound like the word it replaces, “drinking fountain.” I believe that this is a better word to describe a drinking fountain because its shorter, and even funner to say.

Sconnies often find other creative ways to say “yes.” One of these ways is “you betcha.” It is very common in Wisconsin to get a response to a question in that form. Almost as common is the use of  “don’t ya know.” Don’t ya know closely resembles the Texan “I know right?!.”

Sconnies are very creative in their use of language and have used words for many generations that one could not find in other states. Each state has their own unique words in their language, but Wisconsin has some of the most unique.

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Wisconsin: Why it is so Amazing

Most people think that when I talk about Wisconsin that it is some wierd obsession. Some even question if I have even been to Wisconsin. Well, the answer to that question is YES. I go to Wisconsin at least once a year for 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks my family and I travel to Spider Lake, Wisconsin where we have a famly reunion with all of my cousins. Not only do I love hanging out with my cousins, but I also love that we get to meet in such an amazing place.

How did this tradition begin? My dad, his 4 brothers, and parents were born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and used to go up to Spider Lake for 2 weeks in the beginning of July. There they met many long-time family friends that join in at our reunions. After my dad and all of his brothers had families of their own, they realized what a great place Wisconsin was to meet up with all of the cousins. The funny thing about Wisconsin is that most people who go there want to come back. The whole atmosphere and opportunities there are exciting.

This is why I will at some point in my life live in Wisconsin. Maybe I will move there soon by attending the University of Wisconsin! But, whatever time I decide to move there, I always consider Wisconsin my home.

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